Grenadier and local building contractors, Devon Contractors Ltd, have confirmed they have temporarily paused work at the Sideshore watersports centre development in Exmouth.

Devon Contractors commented: “We have been following
Public Health England guidance to ensure we protect our people, our
subcontractors, and our suppliers health and safety. We will continue to
monitor the impact and provide an update in due course.”

Aiden Johnson-Hugill, Director, Grenadier, added:
“The creation of Sideshore may have been temporarily put on hold, but we are
committed to creating something rather extraordinary. We are confident that
once open, Sideshore, Exmouth’s new community focused Watersports Centre will
offer visitors and residents of Exmouth unrivalled access to 2-miles of
waterfront, alongside space to eat, meet and enjoy the beach.

In the meantime we are adhering to Government advice to
protect the health and safety of our workforce. We look forward to unveiling
Sideshore to the public as soon as possible, and we are confident it will not
only operate as a sustainable business, but create a lasting legacy for the
local community.”

Although we are adhering to Government advice, we strongly feel our staff and contractor’s health and safety is crucial. We hope to be back on site soon to continue the fantastic work done to date.

Here is this week’s drone shot courtesy of Devon Contractors: